About Us

Established in 2000, ElectrocenterDUE brings light into your home, gives colour to shopping centres, supports the industry by providing a solid infrastructure for over 18 years.
Overall, ElectrocenterDUE is currently building for a bright future, be it in the industrial, commercial or everyday day. Our top priority is to keep you, your home or your business safe.

We have ANRE ( ROMANIAN ENERGY REGULATORY AUTHORITY ) accreditation, IGPR license, ISU authorization and we have implemented ISO 9001 and 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.

Due to the logistics and facilities we have now, we managed to execute very high quality electrical installations and as a consequence, in a very short time we exceeded the recognition of performance within the city and county, having works in almost the entire country, but also outside its borders. Thus, we proved our professional maturity and mobility, managing to support our clients, whom we consider good partners, but also friends. We invest continuously, but we believe, and we are sure that the main resource is the human one. We have innovative professional engineers, electricians and automation engineers , thus being one of the few companies that have in their portfolio "SMART HOMES" and BMS (Building Management System) systems - civil and industrial building management.

Why choose us?

From the beginning we approached some values, which we are proud of and apply in every project we work on: Responsibility. Quality. Professionalism. Innovation.

We have always promoted the concept of "Professional electrical installations", coming up with complete solutions at high standards and offering the design of electrical installations, the supply of electrical materials, the execution of those installations, as well as maintenance after the expiration of the execution warranty. We are recognized both regionally and nationally in the field of professional electrical installations through the services we offer. We focus on creating a long-term business relationship with all our clients by treating them with fairness, integrity, ethics and respect, which can also be seen through our portfolio.
Instalatii electrice profesionale

Instalatii electrice profesionale