Whether the project is smaller or larger, we are here for you with a wide range of services. We plan, design, build, upgrade, extend, modernize, optimize infrastructure and facilities thus taking the project from concept to reality, from initial stage to functionality.

Because customers expect and deserve reliable solutions for every project, regardless of complexity, our goal is to meet and even exceed customer expectations by offering practical and innovative services.


A successful designer carries out projects that highlight the architecture of the building, while optimizing electricity consumption. Excellence in professional electrical installations requires creativity, efficiency and attention to detail. These are the qualities you will find in our company if you decide to work with us.

Electrical installations execution

We understand the importance of electrical installations, so our team of engineers and specialists in the field applies a unique approach to each project to provide solutions that meet customer needs, their motto being a simple one: ingenuity. We create safe installations that transform any space into a friendly one, but also functional at the same time.

Electric switchboards execution

Electric switchboards are a vitally important component in any project, but especially in large ones. We are respected in this field due to the high quality electric switchboards offered with the help of our partners, but especially due to the execution that will turn you into the owner of a safe and reliable electrical installation.

Anti-burglary systems

Times have changed. We see acts of vandalism or theft more and more often around us, so we must be aware of the risks to which we are exposed and reduce them to a minimum. How many security measures are needed? How much to spend on our security? What is the most suitable security system for us? These are questions that will be answered by our specialists in the field.

Video surveillance

It is more important to prevent than to repair damage. Our surveillance systems will help you become aware of your threats and vulnerabilities. We can assist you in developing strategies to reduce these vulnerabilities with our customized surveillance systems, which will help you be prepared for the future, or find an answer in case of unpleasant situations.

Fire alarm systems

Our protection and personal belongings are key elements in this filed. Fire can cause major damage if not detected at an early stage, where smoke and heat are emitted, but the fire is not yet started. Our systems are ideal for those of you who own valuables, or large spaces that are constantly unattended, where early warning in case of fire is essential.

Access control and time tracking systems

Are you looking for an access control solution? Do you want to purchase a flexible system to cover your current needs, but to accommodate a possible increase in the number of staff in the future? All these things are possible if you resort to ElectrocenterDUE.

Voice, data, and image networks

VDI networks are probably the only thing that all companies have in common, they are a necessity nowadays. The difference between them, however, is made by three elements: safety, speed and functionality. Fortunately, that's what we do, by installing versatile, powerful and efficient networks.

Intercoms and video intercoms

They are present in our lives at every step: at our home, at the staircase, at work, or at public institutions. Who can install them for you? Everyone. But we make the difference, with 13 years of experience and with a specialized team that will intervene as soon as possible in case of malfunctions.

Special works: BMS

As we evolve towards more complex, efficient and energy-efficient buildings, it is obvious that we need these building management systems. The volume of data to be stored is increasing, which brings with it a greater need for energy, but also closer supervision. How do we solve these problems? Through these management systems that few Romanian companies can execute. We are proud to be part of this category.

Industrial automation

Over time, the most important concepts in industrial production have been cost and quality. But nowadays our customers want more: reliability and availability of machines, flexibility to produce a wide range of products without major changes over time, in short: maximum efficiency and minimum losses. At ElectrocenterDUE we value these ideas and together with our partners we are ready to advise you and offer you the solutions you need to make your production more effective.

Consulting services in the energy field

Many of us have a vision, but we can't find the solution. Thanks to our industry experience, we understand what's important to customers and our team of dedicated and specialized experts can provide you with the solution. ElectrocenterDUE does not believe in standard solutions in any industry. We know that customized solutions will bring you a competitive advantage, and a significant cost reduction. So, whether you are a small or large company, we are waiting for you to turn your vision into reality.